US Government Employee Retention Tax Credit Program for USA Businesses and Organizations

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Have you applied for the employee retention tax credit yet?

Did you know can get up to $26,000 per W2 employee?

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The Employment Retention Tax Credit was introduced in the CARES act on 25th March 2020 but you need to know the Employment Retention Tax Credit is not over!

Many business owners think they can’t get the ERTC if they:

– did better during COVD

– did not shut down

– received PPP loans

– or because they think the ERTC is over

Business owners can still get up to $26K per W2 employee sent to them by the IRS. Conditions apply, but the bar is set very low. Your business must have 2 or more W2 employees not including the business owner, with a maximum is 500 W2 employees.

This is even good for non-profits organizations so long as they pay payroll tax! Public schools don’t qualify as they already get Government money whereas Churches and private schools DO qualify.

REMEMBER: To be eligible business owner must pay payroll tax, have a minimum of 2 employees and their business must have been affected by COVID.

“Have you filed for the Employee Retention Tax Credit yet?”